1. 《链有料》第2期:聚焦 NerveDEX,全面解析NerveNetwork如何布局DeFi生态?

      2020-09-11 10:45:47


      主题:聚焦 NerveDEX,全面解析NerveNetwork如何布局DeFi生态?

      时间:9月10日 15:00


      嘉宾:NerveNetwork发起人,NULS社区理事 & NTC成员 Berzeck

      主持人:各位小伙伴们,下午好! 我是本期主持人"卟叮",又和大家见面啦!欢迎大家参加由链世界主办的"链有料",本期我们很荣幸的邀请到了NerveNetwork发起人,NULS社区理事 & NTC成员 Berzeck,为大家全面解析NerveNetwork如何布局DeFi生态,掌声欢迎Berzeck!


      BZ: Hello everyone, good afternoon! I am Berzeck, NULS NTC members and community councilor. I am graduated from the Military Engineering College of La Paz, Bolivia, with a bachelor's degree in systems engineering. I have nearly 20 years of experience in system development and team management, served as IT director of a multinational company and project external consultant of the State Administration of Transportation.

      译文:各位小伙伴们,大家下午好!我是Berzeck,NULS社区理事 & NTC成员。毕业于玻利维亚拉巴斯军事工程学院,系统工程学士学位。我有近 20 年系统开发和团队管理经验,曾担任跨国公司 IT 总监,国家运输总局项目外部顾问。

      I have been working for NULS since the end of 2018. With rich experience in using modular methods and microservices, I have led and completed the modular reconstruction of the underlying core of NULS 2.0 and the design and development of the microservice architecture with the other NTC members.

      译文:我从2018年底开始为NULS工作,在使用模块化方法和微服务方面有着丰富的经验,主导并完成了 NULS 2.0底层核心的模块化重构和微服务架构的设计、开发。

      BZ: The NerveNetwork project was initiated in 2019 . and I has been working with NULS technology community on the research, design and development of the NerveNetwork (NVT) project.



      BZ: NerveNetwork is a decentralized digital asset service network, which is a set of cross-chain interactive protocols based on the NULS microservices framework and developed with ChainBox.

      译文:NerveNetwork 是一个去中心化的服务网络。它基于NULS微服务框架, 使用 NULS ChainBox(链工厂的底层)开发搭建的区块链跨链交互协议。

      Its goal is to eliminate the isolation problem that most blockchains have. Meanwhile, to establish a cross-chain interoperable asset interaction network, and provide all the underlying support for DeFi applications ecosystem; letting digital asset holders enjoy truly secure, free and transparent DeFi application services.

      译文:NerveNetwork 旨在打破区块链价值孤岛,建立跨链互通的资产交互网络,为 DeFi 应用生态提供底层支持。让数字资产持有者享受真正安全、自由、透明的 DeFi 应用服务。

      BZ:Here are some INFO for Nerve:

      Nerve website: http://nerve.network/

      Forum of the progress Nerve :


      Nerve WeiBo:Nerve网络

      Decentralized Exchange platform:nervedex.com





      BZ:NerveNetwork can not only serve as the second-layer lightning network of BTC and ETH, but also become a bridge for the interconnection of multiple public chain assets.

      译文:NerveNetwork不仅可以作为 BTC、ETH 的二层闪电网络,还将成为多条公有链资产互通的桥梁。

      BZ:NerveNetwork is developed based on the NULS microservice architecture, and it supports wallets, institutions, trading platforms and other project parties or teams to use the NerveNetwork module to customize their own DEX. Through this low-cost method, one-key quick customization of DEX can be realized.


      3、感谢Berzeck的详细解说,让我们对NerveNetwork有了一个更深刻的理解,随着主网的上线和稳定运行,最近在Nerve生态又上线了 NerveDEX,这NerveDex是做什么的?

      BZ: NerveDEX is based on NerveNetwork's underlying chain asset transaction protocol. The entire process of asset transactions is completed on-chain. It is a safe, transparent and fair decentralized asset transaction platform. On September 4, NerveDEX was officially launched, Currently, two trading pairs have been created: NULS/NVT and ENVT/NVT.

      译文:NerveDEX 基于NerveNetwork底层链上资产交易协议搭建,资产交易的全过程均在链上完成,是一个安全、透明、公平的去中心化资产交易平台。9月4日,NerveDEX正式上线开放,目前共创建了2个交易对:NULS/NVT、ENVT/NVT。

      BZ: NerveDEX is a DEX in the form of an order book. It is realized by on-chain matching. All consensus nodes participate in transaction matching verification to ensure the fairness of exchange.

      译文:NerveDEX 属于订单簿形式的 DEX ,采用链上撮合的方式实现,所有共识节点都参与交易撮合验证,保证交换的公平性。

      BZ: NerveDEX's account system is compatible with NerveNetwork's account system. On NerveDEX you can directly import NerveNetwork private keys and Keystores, and there is no deposit and withdrawal operations. The assets are always in your own account, and the pending order only performs the locking operation, not transferring the ownership of the assets, and the asset exchange operation is only performed after the transaction.

      译文:NerveDEX的账户体系兼容NerveNetwork的账户体系,在NerveDEX 中可以直接导入NerveNetwork私钥和Keystore使用,不存在充值、提现操作。交易的资产始终在自己的账户中,挂单只进行锁定操作,不做资产所有权的转移,只有成交后才进行资产交换操作。

      BZ: On NerveDEX, anyone can issue assets by spending a certain amount of NVT or through the POCM platform of NULS.

      译文:NerveDEX 中,任何人都可以通过销耗一定数量NVT的方式或通过NULS的POCM平台发行资产。

      BZ: NerveDEX currently supports ETH, ERC20, NULS, NRC20 and other multi-chain assets to quickly create trading pairs and list them on NerveDEX. In the future, other mainstream assets such as BTC and BSC (Binance Smart Chain) will be gradually docked.


      BZ: NerveDEX is the first application of the Nerve DeFi ecosystem, and its transaction performance and asset richness will greatly benefit from the NerveNetwork.

      译文:NerveDEX 是 Nerve DeFi 生态的第一个应用,其交易性能和资产丰富性都将极大受益于 Nerve 网络。


      BZ: Currently, in the DEX projects represented by Uniswap, a large number of users conduct high-frequency transferring on the Ethereum network, which is causing serious blockage of the Ethereum transaction verification channel.

      Users can only pay a higher service fee than ordinary transfer transactions to complete the transaction as soon as possible in DEX, and the service fee remained at 100 yuan in August. Network congestion + high service fee have seriously dropped users' willingness to use DEX.

      译文:当前,在以 Uniswap 为代表的 DEX 项目中,大量用户在以太坊网络进行转账等高频作,导致以太坊的交易验证通道严重堵塞。用户只能付出比普通转账交易更高的手续费才能在DEX尽快完成交易,这个数字在 8 月几乎维持在100元左右。网络拥堵+高手续费,严重影响了用户使用DEX的意愿。

      BZ: Meanwhile, most DEXs are developed on Ethereum and can only trade Ethereum ecological tokens. However, nowadays, all major public chain ecosystems in the cryptocurrency industry are blooming, and it is difficult for the Ethereum ecosystem alone to meet the needs of users in DEX transactions. Therefore, there is an urgent need for mature cross-chain technology to access multiple assets of external blockchain networks.

      译文:同时,如今大部分 DEX 都在以太坊上开发,且只能交易以太坊生态Token。但如今行业各大公链生态百花齐放,单独的以太坊生态很难满足用户在 DEX 的交易需求。因此,急需成熟的跨链技术接入外部区块链网络的多种资产。

      BZ: The NerveDEX has solved the above problems well:

      1.In terms of performance: After adopting the POCBFT consensus algorithm, NerveNetwork ' TPS is equivalent to nearly a hundred times that of Ethereum TPS; it can confirm transactions within 2 seconds, and the transfer fee is almost 0, which greatly improves the asset transfer speed and reduces the transfer threshold.


      (1)性能方面:Nerve 网络采用 POCBFT 共识算法后,TPS 2000+,相当于以太坊 TPS 的近百倍;可以做到2秒确认交易,同时转账费用几乎为 0,大幅提升了资产转移速度、并降低了转移门槛。

      BZ: 2. In terms of assets diversity: Currently, NerveNetwork has achieved cross-chain interaction with the two major public chain networks of NULS and ETH.

      USDT, USDC and other ERC20 assets, NULS, NRC20 assets and other high-quality assets can easily join in Nerve ecosystem

      译文:(2)资产丰富性方面:Nerve 网络目前已经实现了与 NULS、ETH 两大公链网络的跨链交互,USDT 、USDC等 ERC20 资产和NULS、NRC20平行链资产以及其它优质资产,都能便捷地进入 Nerve 生态。

      BZ: 3. In the future, NerveNetwork will open up the cross-chain network of other mainstream public chains such as BTC, BNB, and launch NerveDEX transactions, which is bound to provide users with a variety of asset options and promote the long-term development of the DeFi industry.

      译文:(3)随着未来 NerveNetwork 即将打通 BTC、BNB 等其他主流公链的跨链网络,并上线 NerveDEX 交易,势必可以为用户提供丰富多样的资产选择,推动 DeFi 行业的长期发展。

      BZ: 4. In terms of transaction fees: NerveDEX charges a 0.02% fee to both parties of the transaction; at the same time, the Nerve Foundation will regularly repurchase NVT with 50% of the fee and burn them.

      译文:(4)在交易手续费方面:NerveDEX 对交易双方收取 0.02% 的手续费;同时 Nerve 基金会将定期把 50% 的手续费资产全部回购 NVT,并进行销毁操作。


      BZ: NerveDEX will provide a liquidity staking mechanism through third-party tools, which not only guarantees liquidity requirements, but also allows professional trading investors to pending / withdrawal orders and study K-lines.

      译文:NerveDEX 将会通过第三方的工具提供流动性挖矿机制,既保证流动性的需求,又让专业交易的投资人挂单 / 撤单和研究 K 线。

      BZ: Currently, NerveNetwork is docking the public chain assets such as BTC and BEP2. As more and more cross-chain assets are docked, on the one hand, these assets can participate in the cross-chain staking of the Nerve main network, on the other hand, they are also bound to be listed on NerveDEX.


      BZ: The SCO ecological projects of the NULS POCM platform will successively be listed on NerveDEX; the operation team and community members are also docking more mainstream high-quality assets to be listed on NerveDEX, to continuously enrich the types of asset transactions, and cooperate with various projects to carry out promotional activities such as trading competitions.

      译文:NULS POCM平台各SCO生态项目方,会陆续上线NerveDEX;运营团队和社区成员也在对接更多的主流优质资产上线NerveDEX,不断丰富资产交易种类,同时联合各项目方开展交易大赛等推广活动。

      BZ: Supplemented by the destruction mechanisms such as the creation of trading pairs, 50% transaction fee , NerveNetwork continue to expand and construct NVT community, and its community consensus.


      BZ: With the increasing types of listing assets, the opening of OTC transactions, mortgage lending, stable coins agreements, derivatives transactions, etc., combined with DeFi's multiple playing ways, and NerveNetwork will take some promotion methods to enhance the liquidity and transaction depth on NerveDEX.

      译文: 随着上架资产种类的不断增加,开通OTC场外交易、抵押借货、稳定币协议、衍生品交易等,结合DeFi的多种玩法,通过营销推广手段来提升NerveDEX的流动性和交易深度。


      BZ: NerveDEX does not set any trading pair creation and review permissions on the bottom layer. Anyone can create a trading pair after spending 2000NVT.

      译文:NerveDEX 底层上不设置任何交易对创建、审核权限,任何人都可以在消耗2000NVT后、创建交易对。

      BZ: After created trading pair, then it can be listed on NerveDEX. If it needs to be displayed in the corresponding trading area, a project review need to be submitted. The NerveDEX operation team will only display the trading pair on the NerveDEX page after review, otherwise the trading pair will be hidden by default in OpenList.


      BZ: Although NerveDEX has set up certain audits in the displayed trading area, it can effectively prevent the counterfeit coins and improve the user experience, but any project can be independently listed on NerveDEX, so users still need to carefully identify the each listed project.



      BZ: Under the background that cross-chain has become an industry consensus, NerveDEX has taken the lead in realizing heterogeneous cross-chain technology through technological and model innovation, and solved the limitations of the past DEX projects with low performance and limited assets.

      译文:在跨链越来越成为行业共识的背景下,NerveDEX通过技术与模式创新,以率先实现异构跨链技术为先机,解决了过去 DEX 项目性能低、资产有限的局限性。

      BZ: The technology community has scheduled the NULS ecological wallet Nabox docking in the development. and the staking function will be implemented in Nabox. Meanwhile, NerveDEX will be adapted to Nabox. In this way, it will effectively improve the user experience, and thus making NerveDEX more attractively.


      BZ: The community is one of the important ecosystem of a project. With the support and help of the NULS community in the early stage, Nerve community can flourish and develop vigorously.

      Once the concept of the project "heterogeneous cross-chain realization" was initiated, it received great attention from the Ethereum community.

      At present, the Nerve has established more than 50 communities and tens of thousands of overseas community members with the support and joint participation of the LvBaTou community, the NULS community and many institutions that participated in the investment in the early stage, and they are continuing to grow.


      BZ: NerveDEX is a DEX in the form of an order book. It is different from Uniswap algorithmic trading, but both have their own advantages.

      NerveDEX will make full use of its own multi-chain asset Staking+ cross-chain transaction, 2 Seconds quickly confirmation, transfer fee is almost 0, asset/transaction process security, transparent advantages, and the ecosystem empowerment and related support of NULS public chain , which will attract a large number of mainstream high-quality assets to join in the Nerve ecosystem for common development.

      译文:NerveDEX 属于订单簿形式的 DEX,它和 Uniswap 类型的算法交易有所不同,但两者各有其优势。NerveDEX将充分利用自身俱备的支持多链资产Staking+跨链交易、2S快速确认、转账手续费几乎为0,资产/交易过程安全、透明的系列优势,以及NULS公链的生态赋能和相关支持,将会吸引到大批主流优质资产来到Nerve生态中,共同发展。


      BZ: We all know the difference between CEX and DEX at this stage. CEX has good depth, rich products, derivative varieties, and a better user experience;

      DEX products are single, derivative varieties are few, transaction fees are high, and depth is not good, Due to the high participation threshold, users' enthusiasm is restrained.


      BZ: With the implementation of NerveNetwork's mature cross-chain technology, a cross-chain bridge between various public chains has been built, and the issue of variety of products has been effectively solved.

      Meanwhile, with the performance optimization, transaction confirmation within 2 seconds, and almost zero transaction fee; coupled with the decentralized nature of DEX, the asset is always in the hands of users, and the entire process is completed safely and transparently on the chain. DEX will become more and more popular.


      BZ: The future is still the competition of high-quality products and user traffic. Those who have perfect infrastructure, high community consensus, good product experience and participation will be favored by users.

      Currently, major trading platforms are also developing their own DEX and deploying DeFi ecosystem.


      BZ: Both CEX and DEX conform to the trend of the times. In the short term, they are integrated and developed to complement each other. In the long run, DEX will gradually become more competitive.


      BZ: Meanwhile, we also welcome institutions, platforms, wallets or projects who are willing to build their own decentralized exchanges, and use the low-cost method of the NerveNetwork module to quickly realize one-click customization of DEX.



      BZ:Users can stake NVT to obtain NVT rewards, and the minimum amount to stake each time is 1000 NVT.


      BZ:In addition, the longer the staking period, the higher its corresponding weight.The total weight of each user is calculated based on the number and duration of the staking. The higher of user's weightage as a percentage of the entire network, the higher the rewards.


      BZ:Besides staking NVT, users can also stake different types of assets, such as ETH 、NULS 、 ERC20、USDT、USDC、DAI and PAX,etc.

      The staking of other cross-chain assets such as BTC, BSC, etc. will be also docked in the future.


      BZ:The weight of their reward is different for staking different types of assets.

      among them: the staking weight of NVT and NULS are twice of other cross-chain assets.


      BZ:The minimum amount of cross chain assets staking is the equivalent of 1000 NVT.For example: 1NVT=1U, Then cross-chain assets requires worth 1000 U to stake.



      THE END
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